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Our prize-winning staff loves boxing. We're always excited to introduce the sport to newcomers, and we're always ready to take a practicing boxer to the next level. Even experienced boxers have a lot to learn - ESPN recently ranked boxing as the most difficult sport in the world.

In recent years, people looking for a fantastic cardiovascular workout have turned to boxing - a sport built on a foundation of endurance, strength, speed, and agility. The very same methods used to train a boxer for the ring can serve as the basis of your fitness routine. A boxing workout can be intense , but the results are often second to none.

Based on what you're looking to gain - competition training, self-defense tactics, or general fitness - our boxing instructors can get you "ring ready" less time that may think. Give us call and we'll discuss a program that's tailored for your individual needs.


Most classes accommodate 10–12 students, with two instructors. Call to learn about private lessons.

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